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Gluten-Free Vegan Bakery Serving the Pacific Northwest

Our Ancient Grain Bread

We offer Gluten-Free baked goods made with locally milled, mostly-organic ancient grain flours, plus all the finest NON GMO ingredients. These are tasty, hand-crafted artisan breads the whole family will devour even if they have no food sensitivities!  

Our recipes are designed to create a uniquely soft and crusty gourmet product, and our pizza crusts are regionally renowned for their crisp-chewy thin crust combination. With a lovely, lasagna flavor our crusts are a proven pizza-parlor favorite at our outlet partnerships! 48 hour advance baking requests are recommended before your visit, and special orders are welcome!

Nutritional Facts Ingredients List

Products Offered

Handcrafted Loaves, Buns and Rolls
Cinn-full Sunny Buns/Cinn Rolls
Tiered cakes/event catering
'Hostess' treats-go-healthy!
Yeast Free Breads/Muffins
Sugar Free/Vegan options
Cookies, Bars & Brownies
Hand spun Pizza Crusts
Stuffing and Croutons
Scones and Biscuits
NY Style Bagels
Artisan Breads
Pastries & Pies

Why Gluten Free, Why Now?

‘The most obvious question is also the most difficult to answer: How could gluten, present in a staple food that has sustained humanity for thousands of years, have suddenly become so threatening? There are many theories but no clear, scientifically satisfying answers. Some researchers argue that wheat genes have become toxic. Davis has said that bread today is nothing like the bread found on tables just fifty years ago: “What’s changed is that wheat’s adverse effects on human health have been amplified many-fold. . . .The version of ‘wheat’ we consume today is a product of genetic research. . . . You and I cannot, to any degree, obtain the forms of wheat that were grown fifty years ago, let alone one hundred, one thousand, or ten thousand years ago. . . . We have to restrict other carbohydrates beyond wheat, but wheat still stands apart as the worst of the worst.’’ Perlmutter is less restrained: “As many as forty percent of us can’t properly process gluten, and the remaining sixty percent could be in harm’s way.”

Although dietary patterns have changed dramatically in the past century, our genes have not. The human body has not evolved to consume a modern Western diet, with meals full of sugary substances and refined, high-calorie carbohydrates. Moreover, most of the wheat we eat today has been milled into white flour, which has plenty of gluten but few vitamins or nutrients, and can cause the sharp increases in blood sugar that often lead to diabetes and other chronic diseases.

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